Our Team

Andrea Weiland Dr. Andrea Weiland
Managing Director, Pharmacist

• Ph. D. in pharmaceutical technology (LMU Munich)
• Long time industrial experience for various galenical developments
• CMC project manager (Chemistry-Manufacturing-Controls)
• Pharmaceutical quality by design: state-of-the art
product and process development
• GMP related subjects (risk analysis, PAT)

Birgit Hettinger Birgit Hettinger
Managing Director, Pharmacist

• Primarily responsible for the physicochemical characterization of New Chemical Entities (NCE) and execution of preformulation trials
• CMC project manager (Chemistry-Manufacturing-Controls)
• Extensive experience as pharmacist and general manager in different german pharmacies

Ulrich Waibel Ulrich Waibel
IT / CSV Specialist, Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer

• Experienced qualification and project engineer for
existing equipment and facilities
• Special focus in data integrity
• Gap analysis
• Expert for development of medical devices

Stefan Miklos Stefan Miklos
Human Resource Manager

• Systemic executive coach
• Trained Business Manager

Monika Enzinger Dr. Monika Enzinger
CMC project manager (Chemistry-Manufacturing-Controls)

• Pharmacist and MSc. in Chemistry
• Pharmaceutical analysis

Peter Wolfegg Peter Wolfegg
ICC Qualified Chemical Foreman

• many years of experience in pharmaceutical technology
• Development of drug product formulation
• Expert on international pharma shipment and logistic under GDP (Good Distribution Practice)

Alexey Olkhov Alexey Olkhov
CMC Projektmanager

• MSc. in Chemistry
• Formulation development

Franziska Schubert Franziska Schubert
CMC project manager (Chemistry-Manufacturing-Controls)

• Pharmacist
• Formulation development
• Clinical Research

Claudia Miklos Claudia Miklos
Executive Assistant

• Clinical Station Manager & Mentor
• Project management

Melanie Osinski Melanie Osinski
Team Assistant

• Study Nurse
• Support in scientific research

Stefan Schömer Dr. Stefan Schömer
Statistical Process Control
Wolfgang Kutscher Wolfgang Kutscher
Regulatory Strategy
Jaroslav Maršálek Dr. Jaroslav Maršálek
QMC / Auditor
Jana Marsalkova Dr. Jana Marsalkova
QMC / Auditor